ASUS gtx 560 clock question

just have a quick question about this card

on newegg it shows that the Core Clock runs as 830MHz , while on all other reviews they all say its 900MHz out of the box, so is this a mistake by newegg or this is the real speed of the card out of the box?

thanks in advance.
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  1. Yeah, the only difference is a factory OC. Just OC it yourself for much better results.
  2. ok out of the all the gtx 560 on newegg, which one do you guys think would be the best for having the lowest temps and lowest noise?
  3. Get the Asus.
  4. Gigabyte if they use their custom pcb. Look for the "Ultra Durable" sticker.
  5. i didnt see that msi last time i checked newegg, i just read some reviews that the asus gets loud sometimes, and that msi is really quite but it doesn't mention how much its clocked at? do you know ?
  6. thank you, i just ordered the msi one, i'll post the results once i get it to help the others.
  7. Yeah, the MSI wasn't available earlier. That or the DirectCU are the way to go.
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