Want to run nfs hot pursuit it at 20 fps

im using pentium d 3.00ghz ,2gb ddr2 ram , 1gb xfx 9500gt ddr2 ,500gb of hard disk i dont want to upgrade my system as i dont have enough money.. when i installed nfs hot pursuit i cant play it as the game was running only at 8-15 fps ..i installed the latest drivers and update for the game ..but still the game is at 12 fps ..tell me any to make the game work at 20 fps at the res of 800x600 ..and dont give me any ideas of getting a new hardware..is there any software to make fps increase ..i installed many softwares like game booster ,game accelerator and cleaned my system.. but it was of no use .. pls help me ..thanks in advance
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  1. No software is going to give you an fps increase. Have you tried running the game at a higher resolution? If not then do it and check if there is any difference. Also, turn down all eye candy from the in game settings.

    Btw, here are the official system requirements for the game - www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=1099&game=Need%20for%20Speed:%20Hot%20Pursuit

    As you can see, your system does require some hardware upgradation.
  2. which board is best among these MSI P67A-GD55 vs Gigabyte P67A-UD3R-B3 vs
    ASUS P8P67 PRO vs ASUS P8P67-M ..firstly im going to fix nvidia gtx 560 card corsair 55ow psu..
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