3 monitors on 2 video cards

i have an asus quad core with a gt220 video card that only handles 2 monitors but my brother gave me a standard vga graphics adapter to hook up my third monitor but im having trouble getting it too work.. it says theres a problem with the standard vga adapter and its not running properly.. can i make this work? please help
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  1. What do you mean by "standard vga graphics adapter"?
  2. By "standard VGA graphics adapter", i'm assuming he means "graphics card that I didn't load any drivers for, and that's what windows is calling it"

    Load the drivers for the "new" graphics card you just installed.
  3. yes it was too old of vga to work on windows 7 so i just bought a usb video output and hopefully that works it comes in the mail on monday...
  4. already got the usb video output works great for what i need.. thanks tho
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