Resperry pi model B

do you see a future for it ?
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  1. Due to its very low price, its relatively high specification, its small size and lots of school children and students will become familiar with it, it may become a standard controller which everyone uses.
  2. With something like this that is only $35 I think it (or devices of this category) are here to stay. Initial stock sold out within hours of release. That has to say something. I have one on order even though I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it yet. For 35 bucks its a steal...
  3. I agree, price per unit is affordable for the masses. These will sell like hot cakes, especially if they market globally.
  4. They already are selling like hotcakes. I missed the initial stock because it sold out so quick. submitted my name to an interested list and got my order in today (limit of 1 per customer). Estimated ship is sometime in April. I a year these things are probably gonna be all over the place.
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