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I started building my first PC today, but I haven't tested it yet as the memory hasn't arrived. I was wearing an anti static wristband, but once in a while it disconnected without me realizing, and I was handling the motherboard, graphics card, etc. As soon as I noticed it put the wrist band back on and continued (probably about 1 minute of not grounding), but I was standing on a carpeted floor, do you think I've done any damage to the components?
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  1. You should be fine. For the most part, you would have felt the static discharge. As long as you weren't scuffling around in shoes/socks on the carpet, you generated very litte to no static charge.

    I build all the time on carpet (all I have in my room), and I just make sure to touch the grounded metal on my case every once in a while, not move often, and wear shorts so the fabric isn't rubbing on the carpet.
  2. Yes, it was all fine, thanks :)
  3. if ur wearing esd strap can u use the other hand to pull pc part out without geting static??
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