Core i5 430M laptop is SO SLOW. Please Help!

My one year old HP g62 laptop has a dual core i5 2.27ghz, 4gb ram, 250gb, and I'm running windows 7 64bit. It runs very slow through regular applications such as video streaming and running multiple browsers even though my windows experience index rates it at 6.7 for a processor. It can't even run a 10 year old game such as Age of Empires without the frame rates shuttering. I recently ran a passmark cpu benchmark and got a score of 705. Then i compared an identical system with the same cpu and specs and that laptop got a score of 961. I cleaned my registry already with ccleaner and use other utilities to clean up my system. Yet there seems to be no results. The temps on my laptop are quite normal, no excessive heat is noticeable through the outtake fans. The cpu seems to struggle against almost everything. Any suggestion on what the problem might be (battery, heat, cpu fan, system)? Thanks in Advance.
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