HD4850 1GB & World of Warcraft Problems

Hi Guys

I need your help as some1 always could in the past.

I have BIG FPS problems when Raiding 25 man encounters in World of Warcraft Cataclysm

My System:

Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16ghz
4GB Ram
HD4850 1GB Card (latest Cata drivers, think 10.12 or something, set to Performance settings in controll)
Win7 x64
80GB System Drive
500GB Data Drive (with WOW on)
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
Samsung 23" running Wow @ 1920 x 1080

I went along to Valiona and Theralion, Ascendant Council & Cho'gall (25 man) and had a horrid +- 9 FPS in the fights with parts of Cho'gall taking me to like 2FPS. Slideshow crap and not cool. Before I start a fight and just stand there my FPS sits pefectly @ my vertical sync value of 60FPS
Seriously is this PC above suppose to perform so crap in CATA? I don't think so.

3D Mark 11 test scores I did are perfectly fine and even slightly higher than other similar systems I found on the net.

Any opinions/ideas/tips?
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  1. Try changing your graphic settings down a bit to see if there is a difference. There also might be problems with the drivers in catalyst. Look up the latest drivers and If you want to, try to download them again.
  2. ^ +1

    Try turning off fog effects and drop your quality a little bit and see if it helps.
  3. Wow @ 1920 x 1080

    on a 4850

    there's your problem >_<

    blizzard retooled thier engine, you need to cut back the settings, or overclock the card

    the 4850 is roughly on par with a 5750 or nvidia gts 450


    in wow which prefers nvidia card a gts 450 will work well , i use 2 gts 450's in sli to get ultra settings at that res, as a single card i could play in ultra, but once i got into a dungeon or pvp i'd have to turn settings to good

    I suggest setting settings to good then drop shadows to low. then as you raid turn particle effects back to high manually as its important to see in raiding. that should give you a good boos tin fps


    here's benchies of a 4850 getting 60+ fps in good , but with custom settings with shadows turned down it should do well for you
  4. Thx for the replies guys.

    It must be something else as I was doing the raid with all LOW detail and tbh running on Good, High or Low detail makes no difference. Its the same story in the encounters, which is kinda weird.

    Anything other than 1920x 1080 looks crap on the 23"

    Someone told me that KIS2011 can cause problems where 2010 is fine and I'm gonna look into that as I just upgraded to 2011 in the end of December.

    I think by looking @ the benchies and reading around there must be something else as I even get 2 fps in encounters on LOW detail.
    I'm just wondering what else can cause something like this that I can look at.
  5. well the benchmark was done on a flight path which is less intense than having to show all the movement and casting animations of multiple players in a group, in my guild i tell people having issues to set everythign but spell detail to low. the bottleneck here is the gpu though , whiel it may be improves its just not going to cut it at 1920x1080, however this should onyl be an issue in raiding

    best suggestin would be to raid at a lower resolution and do dailies/5 mans at your native resolution until you cna upgrade the card. i know its not what ya want to hear, but it'll give you smoother framerates and make raiding smoother, i'd ratehr have smooth gameplay with low graphics than sharp graphics looking like there's a strobe light in the room


    also note when i ran my gts 450 it was in dx11 mode which improves performance, so while its not much mroe powerful than your 4850 dx11 made it run better, and your 4850 doesn't do dx11
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