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Hi I'm new here, been reading around the forum a bit and seems to be a lot of knowledgeable people.

I have a coworkers computer that I am trying to diagnose before I buy it from him. It's an Asus striker II formula mobo w/ core 2 quad processor. geforce 8800 gts 512mb card graphics card, and crucial ballistics tracers ram (he only gave me 1 stick for now).

Currently I cannot get any video output, and I did try swapping to a simple graphics card that required no power supply hookup and still no picture. I tried all the pci and pcie slots and nothing. I tested the power supply and all the pins read slightly higher than the common voltage (which i assume is good?), except for one 12v pin that read 11.0v (is this a big deal?). When I removed the ram card and powered on, it started making beeping sounds, same as when i moved it to the fourth slot, so I'm hoping the ram is ok? but I'm not for certain.

I'm not very computer savvy, is there anything else I can check out myself? do processors go bad? maybe the thermal compound dried up? I can probably pick up a new stick of ram from work and try it out to eliminate that. thanks for any input, this should be a good learning experience for me lol.
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  1. hi,

    Have you tried another memory card ?
  2. Try this:
    Work through the list. WORK, not read!
    If you are still having problems, we will try to help!
  3. ok thanks for the link. will give it a try later on today or tomorrow, i got the flu so im really lazy right now :(
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