New Hard Drive on Dell Optiplex 240

I get this error when trying to install XP on a new hard drive:

<<<The hard drive was not installed by the computer manufacturer. These are not typically visible to the startup program unless special software is used. On x86 computers the message may indicate a problem with the CMOS drive type settings.>>>

Any ideas how to install a new OS on a new hard drive?

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  1. Are you referring to a clean install of XP using the complete installation disk, or using the re-installation disk? The re-installation disk supplied by Dell along with the computer, will not work on a new hard disk.
  2. I want to install a new hard drive and do a clean install of XP. I did that and got the error. The XP disk is my own.

  3. If you have an OEM or Retail version of XP, there will be no problem doing a clean install on a brand new formatted hard disk.

    If the XP disk is a re-installation disk, a clean install on a new hard disk will not work.
  4. Changing the hard drive doesnt affect a Dell reinstall disk
    I have switched my hard drive many times on Dells
    it goes by code on motherboard
    I have even used my Dell reinstall disk on non Dell machines
    it doesnt have all of the drivers and you need a product key
    from the COA on case
    and then go in an do a msoobe (activation) and change the key that way

    A recovery disk wont work
  5. just found this on another forum to help back me up

    for example I installed a Vista Basic from a Dell Vostro 1000
    laptop on my Dell Precision 450 using the key from the Vostro
    it was just temporary and then reinstalled original XP

    it sounds like the OP has a RECOVERY disk not a reinstall disk
    sorry to shout :)
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