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Hello, I want to greet all members here, since I'm new to these forums. I got this serious problem that's been going on my computer. I downloaded game Runes of Magic (free mmo) and when I runned it, it would simply crash to Black Screen along with sound loop and all I can do is hard restart manually. I thought that the game is not optimized for my computer so I downloaded another mmo Forsaken World. After few minutes of playing, same thing happened. I decided to run memtest because of ram faulity to check and there were no errors. I though that it might be overheating, but my temperatures are like maximum 53 CPU (in game) and idle is 43 - 45. As for my GPU, it was 70 - 75, so it would crash because of that. Cleaned dust off my GPU and now the temperatures show 47 idle and in game 60 max. After I tried again, it crashed after maximum 20 - 30 minutes. I decided to try Need for Speed Shift and after 20 minutes my computer crashes with same Black Screen but this time, it reboots itself and on startup my pc shows "HyperTransport Sync Flood Error, press F1 to continue". Now I'm out of ideas and only things I have left is to change my power supply to better one, since I have 530W Frontier old one, for 2 - 3 years max to some 600 - 700W. Any ideas what could cause my crashing? I'll post my Dxdiag if you need it. Thanks in advance, Venomus.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Try disabling HT and see what that does.
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