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Hey guys..... I am currently using a "LENOVO ThinkCenter" its a low profile computer that has no tv out.... I have an old analog big screen tv that only has s video and RCA .... I purchased this vid card in hopes that I could use my tv as a monitor to watch movies and ect. I installed the card but there was no response from the monitor let a lone the tv... am I missing something? is the card needing a power source? Im not good with stuff like this and would really like if if you could help me out... thank a bunch
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  1. The card should get all its power form the slot. If the card was installed correctly, then it is a possibility that you got a bad card. If you computer has a PCI express X16 version 1.x slot and the card is PCI express X16 version 2.1 then there have been many issues of incompatibility with no video output.
    Correct procedure is uninstall old card in device manager, shut down and install the new card, start up and install the drivers for the new card.
  2. apparently it was not compatible... I ended up just getting an external usb high resolution video vga conversion box for 28 bucks and it works perfectly .......... but thank you for your reply
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