Plain and simple question about chipset settings.

I have a gt520 installed on my computer. I am trying to free up irq's. One setting that I am not having much luck with finding out more on, is the assignment for a vga irq. So far what I can figure out is that this is for onboard graphics. If I have a card in a slot do I need this to bee enabled?
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  1. if i understand you correctly, to my knowledge, no you do not need an on board graphics enabled if you are running a discrete graphics card. As a matter of fact way back when i had a pc with on board graphics, i had to disable the on board graphics to install my card properly.
  2. Sorry to sound un-appreciative for the reply, but my question is not whether or not to have on board graphics enabled/disabled. I was referring to another setting that is about the assignment of an irq to vga. Does this need to be enabled when there is a pcix card present?
  3. This really isn't my forte, but i did locate the following forum:

    the second of which seems to state that disabling VGA works with AGP cards.

    That thread about half way down seems to state that unless you are using your card for 3d applications or as a tv tuner, etc, it probably does not need an irq.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Yeah I have read those, but it is not too clear. No one has really answer that specific question. I guess the only way to find out is to do it.
  5. So it seems that my answer is a yes, for anyone that cares. Disabling the (assign irq to vga) in the bios does not effect the PCIX card. It remains on irq #18 in the device manager. Those bios settings were for the on board card.
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