Gtx 460m memmory issues

hi guys :)

i bought an alienware m15x last november, and it came with the nvidia 460m gtx 1.5 ddr5.

problem is i dont know if thats right. i currently downloaded the software HwinFo32 to check the temp of my components, when i fell on the specs of the gpu. infact it says 768mb gddr5 of memmory, which really got me worried.

now i dont know if its normal or not, or maybe if the laptop is not using the card at its full potential, or maybe even that the software is faulty, maybe even its not the promoted card, but i was wondering if anyone could please enlighten me because buying a card and getting half the power is quite a big deal... (well not half but you know what i mean)
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  1. ty man ^^ was ok after all :P xD
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