Horizontal lines during video playback - GT 425M - Win7 Pro 64 -Laptop

Hello all!

Well.. i was browsing the internet in order to find an answer;. but no luck. so maybe someone can help me (or at least point me into the right direction).

So the problem:
When playing video (on vlc, on windows media etc...)
I have horizontal lines accros the screen.
so an interleave issue
Files played, Avi, Vob, mpeg.. almost everything (just one avi worked fine).

My laptop is icore5 2.53 ghz
Ram 3.68G (4g but only 3.68 useable...)
Graphic card Nvidia GT 425M 1G rad ddr3
Intel HD card (but i configured nvidia optimus for the videos to be played with the GT - but even witout that it dosent seems fine)

Driver 259.39

Windows 7 Pro - 64 bits

In nvidia parameters 3d
i checked triple buffer active
vsync force active
thread optimisation active..

well i have tried many configurations

any ideas?
THanks all
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  1. i get back after a new test.
    I tested with another harddrive where i had another win7 - 64 bits version installed (just for cases like this)

    And i have no horizontal lines....
    so i cheked the nvidia system infos
    it is the same driver 259.39

    i am going to do a clean install on my other harddrive (is an ssd so this is why i preferd this drive) and retry...

    i dont get from where the error come from...
  2. well after some re-re- testing i realize that it seems to be that de-activating aero on win7 causes this.

    i dont understand why...
  3. sorry all i stil have this problem of horizontal lines.
    i installed a 32 version and still there.
    on the ssd
    i opened a new thread for this on graphic cards
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