Core i7 920 Temps?

Hey guys, I have a core i7 build with an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 board. I have never overclocked anything and when I put the computer together it started up no problems and I have never had any problems since. However, I decided yesterday to install RealTemp and I am running around 60-70ish idle temps and when I started up a game it says the max it reached was 100 Celsius. I know these temps are way to high. I am using the stock cooler.

When I get home I think im gonna make sure the heatsink is set properly. However, if it is set properly what could be causing this? I read somewhere that the Asus boards can set the voltage too high for the CPU when it is set to Auto. Is this the case? or should I try an aftermarket cooler?
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  1. what's your case?
  2. Hello
    Yes Make sure the heatsink is holding well , I7 1st generation socket 1366 runs very hot , idl temp is 55-60 , at load 80-85(stock fan)
    its also recommended to get after market cooler
    you can turn off turbo boost and HT its will reduce the temperature a bit down
  3. At stock the mobo shouldn't be sending too much voltage, at least not enough to cause you to run 100c in games. Did you get any lag in the game,just curious. Very poor case airflow can sometimes be the culprit, but I'm betting on a bad heatsink install. You should use some alcohol and clean the old paste off and apply new stuff if you can. There are plenty of guides on the net about how to do it if you don't already know. Also a good idea is to remove the motherboard unless you have a case with the socket cutout. that way you can verify all 4 pins are completely and securely attached to the mobo.
  4. Kovaxo, if he isn't overclocking there's no reason to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler. Intel warranties the chips for three years with the stock fan. They wouldn't do that if it hurt the chip at stock voltage and frequency.
  5. I have an antec 1200 case, its big so I hope airflow isnt the problem. The case fans are all set on med setting. No it ran the game pretty well, no major lag. It runs like it should in my opinion.

    Ill have to go get some thermal paste and reapply and try to reset the heatsink. Bad thing is I have been using the computer for 2 years like this. So I suppose if any damage was done it would already be done, although I haven't played many games on it so it probably wasn't at 100 Celsius for the majority of its life.

  6. Well the chips have a thermal throttle switch that happens around 100c to protect the chip,that's way I asked about lag.Either realtemp is wrong or the Tjuction max is more like 105c or higher for that chip,interesting. Reason is, at 100c your chip should have lowered the multiplier and voltage in order to protect it's self. If you were playing any modern game at the time, you should have experienced some lag at 100c.

    That said i would still re-seat the fan just for the hell of it. The chips are only warrantied for three years the way your running it, so if you want to use it longer and give it to ur mom after it can't hurt.
  7. Or maybe its reading the temp wrong !!
    try to install the last version and let us know
    yes intel warranties the chips for three years with the stock fan as it reduce the Mhz it self...
    but try to run it at some where room temperature is over 28+ and its summer anyways
  8. yeah the lag wasn't noticable however I wasn't really looking for it. It is a modern game(Rift). So intel warranties the chip? would it have to actually fail or something before they would replace it?

    I planned on using the chip for a long time. Am I ok in assuming no damage has been done because it still seems to run fine.
  9. heat can be gain from High voltage of QPI and Vcore
    set QPI to 1.150v and Vcore at 1.275 as a start ,
    even you can reduce vcore later as it stable
    also try to update ur mob to the latest bios :)
  10. I'm sure your fine,just try not to run it at 100c all the time. It would have to start to fail or fail to be able to rma it, but that's a guess. After a you make sure the fan is on correctly, if the temps are the same you might be able to say it's defective. You'll have to look into it, I have rma-ed just about everything except a cpu.
  11. Ok, so I ordered some thermal paste because I didn't have any ( finally got it, thats the reason for the slow reply). I reapplied the paste and reset the heatsink and I am still getting the same temp readings.

    I also updated the bios with no results. I am still getting like 60ish idle temps and 100 under load. I did notice that the Heatsink fan didn't seem to speed up or slow down with the temp change, but maybe that's because the temp is too high all the time.

    Any ideas?
  12. Are you sure the fan is attached correctly with the four plastic anchors secured completely to the back of the board?
  13. Yes I believe so. I can't move the heatsink, it doesn't wiggle at all its in there solid.
  14. What are the odds that my temp readings in real-temp are wrong? Core Temp also gives me the same readings, but the computer just doesn't seem to be running that hot. I ran Prime 95 for about 20min and the readings were stuck in the high 90's/100C and the computer never faltered. Plus I have never had the computer freezer or crash, and the heatsink is not hot to the touch when these temps are being read. I would think that if I touched the heatsink it would be hot at these temperatures but in fact its not warm at all.
  15. Honestly the heatsink should be at least warm to the touch when under prime95. If it's cool or cold then the fan isn't on correctly.
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