Can medieval II play with a windows 7 integrated intel gma card?

Hello everyone :hello:

Just ordered Medieval II for my windows 7 desktop and was wondering if it could play medieval II with my integrated intel GMA graphics card. It can play rome total war perfectly, but I was wondering if it could for this game and if not, whats the cheapest solution?
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  1. It requires at least a 128MB Direct X 9 GPU.

    What is your full system like?

    If your IGP can't handle it, getting a Radeon 5550 would certainly help. You're talking about £60 for that.
  2. Since you already ordered it you might as well just try it with what you have. If performance is decent enough then that's all that matters.

    If performance is below expectations or you cannot play it, then post back...
  3. The graphics card you mentioned seems good, and I thank all of you for your help
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