Installing Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (From 32 bit)?

I am using Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I am planning on installing the 64 bit version soon. Before i do i wanted to know if it could be installed on just one partition

My 500 GB hard disk has about 7 partitions ( C : , D: , E : etc) . If i want to install windows 7 64 bit on the primary C: Drive (Clean install) would it affect the other partitions , which has data on them? ( D: , E: etc?) like erase or not make them function?

also will my external hard disks which worked on 32 bit system (seagate goFlex Desk) work on the 64 bit after i plug it in after the install? all of my externals have my backups and i wouldn't want them erased :/
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  1. Are you going to format over the 32 Bit version on the partition?

    Yes your externals will work!

    64 Bit version of 7 needs about 20 gigs to install.
  2. Yes i am going to install the new 64 bit over the 32 bit Windows 7 in Drive C: partition. So my other partitions will remain intact and unaffected?
  3. The only concern I have for this manipulation is what's your computer specs.

    to be sure that it's 64 bit.

    Also how many memory do you have ?
  4. Are you going to install over 4 gigs of ram!
    If not stick with what you have.
  5. I am running 4 gigs of ram on a 32 bit at the moment. My processor is an Intel i5-750 , oced to 3.6 ghz..

    so i guess its possible?
  6. 32 bit can only utilize about 3.25 to 3.5 gigs of ram,and 64 bit much more.So if your going to install more ram the 64 bit will be worth installing!
  7. yup i intend to upgrade my memory to 16 gigs soon

    But installing the 64 bit win7 on the primary C: (which has the 32 bit) drive won't affect the other partitions right xD? mostly because i have a lot of FLAC and SHN files on my other partitions
  8. No they should not be affected!

    I always backup my critical stuff to make sure.
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