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In order to have a Fire Wire PORT on my computer, do I have to have a motherboard with IEEE1394 support on it (the MB), or will a PCI Fire Wire card (installed into one of my PCI slots) work anyway?
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    If your motherboard don't have IEEE 1394 then get a PCI / PCI-E Fire Wire Card Both is working. Very Standard
    like this
  2. sonexpc --

    I hope you were saying that I can use that PCI card even if my MB doesn't have support for IEEE1394.

    I'll go ahead and order that card. THANK YOU FOR REPLYING! You are the only person who replied out of about 40 people who read my 2 posts on this subject.

    Very kind of you! I guess nobody else knew the answer. I thought it was a simple enough question, for a forum like this one.
  3. sonexpc -- Although I changed my mind about purchasing that particular Fire Wire card, I'm going to select your answer (the only answer!) as "Best Answer," since it does fit my original Topic. Thanks again!
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