Planning a new build :)

After reading through some posts and having some answers from a previous post i have tried to compile a list of a computer build that i think would work well. It would be appreciated if you could tell me why it wouldnt work if it wouldnt that is also if it could run wow on ultra. Also, what is peoples opinions on using a flatscreen LED tv as a monitor ? - case - power supply - processor - motherboard - RAM - HDD - DVD Drive - Operating System - cooler system - graphics card

comments much appreciated ^^
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  1. All very decent choices and yes, it will run WOW on ultra all day.
  2. hey paul thanks for the reply, i was just wondering with this current setup is it possible in the future to SLI and get another graphics card? also is there enough space to add in a Solid State drive at some point for my OS and a select few games?

    again replies are much appreciated
  3. If you want to run SLI in the future (which is overkill if you are only running wow) then you will probably want a bigger power supply. I looked at your mobo and I believe it is saying it can run 2 video cards but they will run at 8x instead of 16x. In reality this makes a minimal difference. I would definitely get a bigger high quality power supply. I recommend corsair. I am using a 850TX myself. I don't think SSDs take much power and physically they are small so I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Quote:

    Err not sure why is that no one spotted this but that LGA 1155 chip is incompatible with tha LGA 1366 mobo :lol:
  5. batuchka said:
    Err not sure why is that no one spotted this but that LGA 1155 chip is incompatible with tha LGA 1366 mobo :lol:

    Wow, i swear yesterday that it linked to a P67 Gigabyte motherboard

    @ OP, you will need a P67 motherboard for your CPU, not an X58...
  6. okay guys thanks for the headsup, any one got any ideas on a decent replacement for it ?
  7. ASUS P8P67 Pro is a nice one, though, on newegg they are not available just yet as they are still replacing the original ones to customers who bought them.
  8. On Monitor vs TV - The main differences you will find between the Monitor and TV are generally going to be Resolution and Response Time - you will be able to find higher resolution with faster response time in a monitor for the price.

    That being said - you probably won't be concerned with response time unless you are playing FPSs. WoW looks magnificent on a huge screen (actually i think it looks better the larger the screen) - so if this is what you intend on playing mostly, then you would be fine with a TV as monitor. Not being aware of your situation, I would recommend verifying the resolution of your TV - I personally can't stand less than 1680x1050 res on a display, though the tv I play on is 1920x1080.
  9. thanks guys for all your input from what ive read i need to get a different mother board, a different psu and i need to check the resolution on the tv, hmm i need to do some thinking as im buying it all together any one care to sum it all up for me ? :)
  10. £71.98 Inc VAT
    XFX Core Edition P1-750S-NLB9 750W Power Supply (PSU) XPS-750W-SEW £131.43 inc. vat Free Delivery
    Asrock P67 EXTREME4 V3 1155 Socket 7.1 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard
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