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Hey there :hello:

I was doing some digging but havent been able to come across a definite answer - so thought of turning to you guys (who'd have more experience)

I'm thinking of making a totally passively cooled system - HTPC, web browsing and downloads. Came across the Seasonic X 460 Fanless PSU. Question is - i know I won't need more power than that. But can this PSU sustain a PC's load, running 24/7? :sweat:

* Specs are:
Core i3-2100
4GB Ram Kingston with AC RC pro coolers
2TB WD HDD + 320GB boot drive or a 80GB SSD
Lite-on DVD+/-RW
Thermalright HR 02
Transet case

Thanks for taking the time
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  1. You shoud never make a totally passive system, you need case fans at least to keep some air moving or everything will overheat, the X-460 relies on there being a positive pressure in the case to force some air through it, if you have no case fans it will overheat and shut down.
  2. :S erm okay. What of the seasonic X-560? i was reading that it runs passively, and when it needs to cool down, the fan kicks in...and I'm going to go with this case : Antec NSK-3480 case
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