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How much is too much?

I'm looking for some advice as I finish up my 2nd custom build. I'm building a new i5 2500k build, I have everything except the motherboard, HD, and my GPU(s). Here's my question. I'm gaming at 1920x1080, I wanted originally to buy 2 6870's in crossfire as my GPU's but I've heard form several people that thats not needed, is it too much? I want to be able to play anything on max settings basically. I play lots of different games, WoW, crysis, starcraft 2, dragon age, civ 5 basically anything. I'm really looking froward to this build so any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. :ange:
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  1. no such thing as too much graphics power... 2 6870's would match nicely with a i5 2500k... you'd max anythign on your list and have a good setup that shoudl be able to max games for another year or two , we call this future proofing, overbuilding now so the system lasts longer
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    I agree two 6870s would be perfect although you might consider 6950s for the extra VRAM. Just in case.

    But yeah 6870s should be a tad better than 5850s which is what I have, and they can just max anything with 50+ FPS (worst case being Metro 2033 and Crysis).
  3. ^^ If its too much now, it wont in some time anyway..
  4. if it was you, which would you rather have 2 6950's or a ssd? If i ditch the solid state drive I can fit the 2 6950's instead. I think 750 watts from a corsair is good enough for that isnt it?
  5. Well 1GB of VRAM is fine for the majority of stuff. It would only hurt you if down the road you want to go with Eyefinity or whatever, because you might have enough rendering horsepower but lack the VRAM which means at the least lowering AA, AF, and maybe texture size. Still, 1GB is pretty decent and an SSD is going to make everything seem so much snappier.

    You might consider Nvidia cards as they tend to have a little more VRAM, like 1.3gb, 1.5 depending on model.

    And yeah a 750 corsair is fine for most 2 card setups.
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