Screen constantly going blank, BSODS,

Hello,I need some advise on what to do I have been stuck with this computer since march.

asus p8p67 pro 3.0
Super Talent 2x2gb 1600 RAM
Corsair HX650
NZXT alpha
Seagate Barracuda 2tb LP
Kingston 64 gb SSD
XFX 4850

The problem is when I open google chrome/internet explorer the screen starts getting blurry with these white lines in 2 seconds than 2 more seconds it cant read the screen. Whats really funny is the fans are still running and everything has power.
Any known problems?

Another issue I gave up with is for my SSD the computer constantly freezes although I have the latest and most updated drivers and etc.

Also for the 3rd issue 10% of the time i turn on the computer it says Over Clocking failed. I never overclocked anything or messed with the speed on Bios. please advise too!

Thank you so much for the help!

Windows 7, 64 bit
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  1. Wow. Multiple problems, where to start? All quality components too. Awesome ASUS Mobo - it has ASUS' simple onboard switch or AI Suite II utility (The TPU chip offers precise voltage control and advanced monitoring through Auto Tuning and TurboV functions) You need to sort out your over-clocking issue by exploring this feature in your BIOS and setting a manual configuration that is only slightly over-clocked. To fix your graphics problem, I suggest you swap video cards and see if that changes things. Pull out your SSD and use the Seagate only until everything settles down - then you can reconnect the SSD and get it working.
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