Can I install 2 2x2GB memory kits?


I was looking for some 1600/CL6 or CL7 RAM, and a guy offered me two kits of these:

As you can see they've got really tight timings, which is great. But unfortunately it's only 4GB (2x2GB). But the guy offered me two of these kits, and allows me to test them before I have to pay. So my question is, is it a problem if I install two of these kits on my motherboard? And if it's ok, are there any changes I need to make? As far as I have heard, if you run two kits with high MHz and tight timings, you have to play with the voltages a little. Perhaps increasing the DRAM voltage to 1.7 will work?

Right under here are my pc specs, I hope you can help me, and thanks a lot in advance!

Asus P8Z68-V Pro
i5 2500K @ 4.5 ~ 1.35V
OCZ 700W
Crucial M4 128GB
no graphics card at the moment, buying EVGA GTX 580 SC soon. :)
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  1. intel doesnt recommend using rams at higher than 1.6v since it could dmg the CPU so i recommend getting a low voltage ram insteadlike,if you are looking for lower timing you can OC the ram and adjust them ,but if you are dead set on those rams you dont have to change anything
  2. Why is it, that always when I ask questions forums, I'm always getting answers to other questions instead of the question that I originally asked? I highly appreciate that you want to help me, but once again, my question was:

    Is it possible to install 2 kits of 2x2 GB Mushkin 1600 6-8-6-24 on my Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard? If so, are there any changes I need to make, to for example voltages? We'll get to the other complications later.

    You say that anything above 1.65V may damage the CPU, so why is it that so many memory kits are 1.65V then?
  3. 1.65v rams are overclock friendly...and i did answer your question lol ,said you wownt have to change anything and i said that intel said that anything higher than 1.6V could dmg the cpu
  4. Kit A
    Kit B

    On your motherboard you insert it in this format

    Slot 1 A
    Slot 2 B
    Slot 3 A
    Slot 4 B
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