Ram Problem

In a few words: I want to set up 6gb of ram on my pc i have 1 kingston 2Gb and 2 Corsair of 2 Gb each. How can i do that?

The long version:
I want to put 6Gb Ram on my machine. I already have 2Gb on it. When i tried to install the other 2 memories (2GB each) the system crashed when it loged on windows and a blue screen apeared and shut down the pc for protection as it stated.
After that i installed only 4 Gb and it worked smothely for 3 months. But yesterday i tried again to put the other memory in and the same problem came up i unpluged it and set it as it was before but no it doesn't even work with 4Gb!

My System:

AMD Athlon II X4 640

AMD RS880 + SB750

Sapphire RADEON HD 5450
ATI RADEON HD 5450/5470/5490/5530/6230/6250/6290 (CEDAR PRO)

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (x64) Build 7601

-Kingston 2Gb
-Corsair 2 X 2Gb CM2X2048-6400C5C 800 Mhz 1.8V 5-5-5-18

sorry for the double post but it is also a gigabyte issue as well as a corsair issue
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  1. Looks like is just the timing issue between the RAM .... but you can do more testing

    Just Test the 2x2GB Standalone

    and Test the 1x 2GB ( Kingston Standalone)

    how to test the RAM if you don't know..

    If both is OK.... then you better don't mix together....They just don't like each other...
  2. this " and Test the 1x 2GB ( Kingston Standalone) " works!

    this "Just Test the 2x2GB Standalone " for some reason failed i got the blue screen. I put the memories in DDR2_1 and DDR2_2 sockets.

    When i had the kingston in DDR2_1 and one of the corsair in DDR2_3 it worked smoothely from months and i had 4Gb of Ram...

    I'll do the tests and i;ll get back to you again.
    Thanks for your responce !
  3. Look like one of the corsair have problem....
  4. yes you were right!
    it just never crossed my mind that one of the rams would be dead on arrival the store was trustworthy or so i thought.
    They replaced my faulty rams with new ones and now i have 6Gb Ram installed.
    Thanks a lot for your responces!

    Last question: Shall i chose the option at BIOS menu "load optimized settigns" or it is possible that it will ruin everything?
  5. I think your RAM support X.M.P.... just enable that one.... should be fien...
  6. Ok thank you.

    Problem solved the topic may be closed :)
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