Z68 or Z77 for Ivy Bridge

I'm in the process of getting parts for a PC i'm building. Originally, I am planning to go with a Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 1155 because of it's features and price. How would an IvyB i3 CPU work with a Z68?( Performance wise) I heard that it would be compatible and a BIOS Update, but would i really be losing on anything if I go with the Z68? Besides 2 extra USB3.0 ports.
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  1. Well Z77 is Intel's next generation of motherboards. So if you want the longest lifespan of your computer, you are better off getting a Z77 motherboard. The downside to a Z77 board and an Ivy bridge processor is that there may be some initial bugs or defects that you won't know about if you are an early adopter. If you have patience, I would wait a few weeks after Z77 and Ivy bridge come out and read the reviews on the latest boards.

    The Z77 boards will definitely support gen3 graphics cards as well so you won't have to worry about not being able to get the latest graphics card.

    A link on one of MSI's upcoming board.

    Here is some information on some Asus' upcoming boards.
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