Upgrade 4890 to nvidia 4xx series? Is it worth it?

Hey everyone,

I have been searching up and down on the forums for a solid answer but it seems everyone's situation is a bit different. I have been noticing that as newer generation games are coming out, I am having to slowly drop my graphics settings. Most recently, I cant run Dead Space 2 on Max settings at 1920x1080 without the frame rate dropping a noticeable amount (mid 40s). I have also been having issues with Battlefield 2, CoD:BO, and to some extent WoW and League of legends. I am up to date on all of my drivers and really think the problem is that my GPU is starting to become out of date.

Is now a good time to upgrade or should I wait?
Would I notice a large difference between teh 4890 and the 460?

I am willing to spend up to 250 dollars on a new card.

My rig is an i7 920 (2.67ghz), 6ghz ram, win 7 64bit.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
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  1. You would have to go to a 480 to get a noticeable improvement, By noticeable, I mean with your own eyes, not some benchmarking program.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. All I care about is if I can notice the difference with my own eye's. Are the nvidia 5xx series that much of an improvement over the radeon 4890?
  3. According to THG review of a 560, it is a replacement for the 470 in terms of performance...
  4. Only get the GTX 480 for cuda or collection purposes only. Get a GTX 460/70 or a GTX 560/70.
  5. Quote:

    What games do you play? If it's games like Crysis and Bad company 2 you def will see a change plus you get DX11 and BC2 in DX11 is pure sex

    I play Crysis, BC2, CoD:BO and L4D2. Thanks for the reply, that is ultimately what I was looking for!
    Ive had to play most of those with lowered settings (especially when playing online, low FPS is bad).
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