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it's possible an ati hd 6850 or an ati 4890 or an ati 5000 series on an asrock p55 extreme? anyone tried to do it with 5xxx or 6xxx series
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  1. CrossFireX Requirements:
    *Certified motherboard
    *2 same GPUs (doesn't matter about vendor, RAM size, edition etc.)
    *Certified PSU recommended
    *Sufficient wattage/amperage

    Simple as...
  2. Yeah not really sure that there's even a question here... but anyway, basically what Omnisome said. Basically crossfire is meant to be usable on nearly any motherboard, while SLI needs to be certified. Besides that, it would take literally 1 second to google crossfire 5xxx series and see that they're very common on P55 boards, and of course AMD wouldn't put out a new series of card that isn't compatible with current hardware.
  3. ok. i know that. but my doubt comes because in asrock site there's a list of supported gpu for crossfire about my motherboard and it sound weird that there's not 5xxx or 6xxx series...i google it and i found only questions like the way my card support crossfire and sli but i'm not sure if supports 5xxx or 6xxx series.
    as you can see
    they don't mention 5xxx or 6xxx series. i'm thinking about upgrading or with another 4890 or with 2 6850 but i want to be sure before buying...
    anyway thank you very much.
  4. Looks to me like they just forgot to update their lists. I really can't see why it wouldn't work. That list shows that it's with BIOS version 1.00, and they're at like 2.8 now. Granted it looks like they mostly added CPU support and doesn't say much about graphics... still, I can't see why it wouldn't work. It's not like the interfaces have changed.
  5. thanks man. really appreciate your interest
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