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According to, with "PhysX ready" motherboards, it is possible to dedicate another GPU to physX tasks. But is it possible to select intel's integrated graphics for this purpose?
And if yes, how much will it boost the graphics system if I would select core i3 550 integrated graphics for physX calculations, while using GTX460 SE for frame rendering?
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  1. It is not possible to dedicate an Intel integrated graphics processor for PhysX. The dedicated PhysX card must be from Nvidia.
  2. Ah, didn't thought of that. But is there any other way to benefit from integrated graphics computation power? while having a PCI GPU? Or it's like a feature you never use?
  3. It's a feature you'll never use. I know some laptops will run off integrated graphics to save power and only use their mobile GPU for 3D stuff.

    The only integrated GPU that has a use even with dedicated graphics is the new Sandy Bridge EUs, and it's only going to be useful for video encoding as far as I know (hybrid CF aside, which is a very outdated tech anyway)
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