Dell Dimension 4600 ??

Yes I know its an old machine but I have rebuilt this computer for my neice..Question is I push the power button on and all I get is a green light on the motherboard and a green and yellow light on front pannel, and the fan does run..I cannot get into bios and nothing comes up on the monitor..its like the pc is in sleep mode..nothing I push (F2-F12) changes anything..I need to make sure what the problem is before I give it back to my brother and say the motherboard is bad...(money is tight)The PC is all factory ,no ad on parts..and no lights are on the back pannel...Bios failure? My brother said thay were haveing problems with it and wanted me to try to fix it...Im the goto computer guy in the family and have solved many problems before but this is a new one for me..
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  1. I also have the same system with upgraded RAM and GPU to run as a HTPC. So the 4 diagnostic light at the back is off?
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