Win7 hangs at dvd activity

Hello, I recently have a problem with my system.
when I try to write a dvd it randomly freezes. sometimes it writes completely without error, and then the next time at the start of the sequence it locks up. the hdd activity led lihgts up, and the mouse is still responsive, but nothing seems to react anything. after some minutes the BSOD appears stating that a system crucial process had been unexpectedly quit or has been closed, and so on..
the same happens now if I try to update the dvd's firmware.
it's an LG GH22NS40 writer with a grren power 550w psu and windows 7. previously i have nero 10 installed, but it's been deleted for now.
please feel free to ask any other details, I will try to provide the information.
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  1. Sorry to say this but it is time to get a new DVD writer :( I don't think that there is anything that you can do to fix this. You could try a different brand of DVD's in case it is not the writer that is at fault but I wouldn't be that hopeful.
  2. Looks like I have no need to replace it, simply reattached to another sata port, now works just fine.
    I have an ASRock 770 extreme 3 board, which has an integrated 3rd party sata3 controller, and that is where my dvd was connected. Now I connected it to the native sata2 port, it works... maybe some compatibility issue with the controller, or whatever, problem solved for now.
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