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This is the build I am doing for a gaming PC thats high performance. Im wanting some other people to look at it for incompatibility issues or suggestions. Open to any suggestions. Im including everything like thermal paste and extra fans for the CPU cooler and case, and the disk drive. My price limit is $2000. (PSU) (CPU Cooler) (GFX Card) (Thermal Paste) (CPU) (MOBO) (Case) (HDD) (X-tra Fans for CPU and Case) (3 of these) (SSD) (RAM) (Disk Drive)

open to suggestions for better parts my limit is 2 grand and im at $1980.64 right now. Also one more time please check for incompatibility issues like PSU not being enough because I will be overclocking the system I wont have dual cards until i upgrade which i will get a 1000w power supply when i upgrade but check for my PSU not having enough connectors or wattage or anything like that
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    I dont see anything wrong with the build, its solid overall.

    Here is a 2K build I compiled earlier for someone else, you can take a look at it, this one has many things you have, but also dual GPUs and liquid cooling. So yeah both builds look good.

  2. Oh and the PSU would be okay for now, but for dual I would go with at least 1000w
  3. yes i did. The reason i chose the antec 1200 is because it has two optional internal fans which i bought the extra fans for. one of them in the side panel for cooling my GFX card and another one to cool my cpu and ram. so in total i will have 3 fans cooling my CPU and the one cooling my CPU will also be cooling my ram. that and i blue is my favorite color XD
  4. when i go for the dual cards. imma upgrading to 16 gb of ram and MAYBE water cooling. a good water cooling system that will allow me to OC the i7 2600 to a GREAT margin more than air cooling are really really expensive. im sticking with air cooling cause with this case and fans i can reach OC capabilities of 4.8 Ghz which will be plenty. i will also upgrade the PSU when i get dual cards cause i will be OC them too. 1000w should be plenty
  5. and i chose this GTx 580 cause it OCs like a beast
  6. well sounds like you have everything figured out, stick with your plan because it looks good.

    Happy Building!
  7. one more question
    will i have enough connectors with the amount of fans im using? and the main power connection is 20+4 and my MOBO is 24 pin whats with that?
  8. PSU have a 20+4 connection with will become a 24 pin connection if needed, also there will be either one or two 4 pin CPU connectors, but dont worry your PSU has all the needed connectors.

    Fan wise your mobo will have at least one 4 pin fan plug, though some have more. However since you have so many fans, most will just be powered by standard 4 pin molex plugs.

    You will be fine, power wise.
  9. thanks bro :)
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  11. also one more thing. the CPU is 8 pin connector and the power supply is 4+4 pin. is that the same thing as with the mobo? its just 4 more connectors added on for compatibility?
  12. An 8 pin CPU connector is a 4+4, which is basically two 4 pin CPU connectors can be plugged into the one 8 pin socket.

    This is used for CPUs that will be sucking up a lot of juice.

    No worries your PSU has all the connections you will need.
  13. kk
  14. hey have any really good suggestions for a 1000w power supply in case i wanna go dual card? with all the fan connections i need cause ill be running like 9 or ten fans. this PSU only has 8 molex connectors tho and there will be an extra fan on the cooler master :/ thats 9 connectors you need dont you? with the 8 ill have on my case
  15. also i selected 3 120mm led fans in my build. if you look at them they are perfect for the case but will it be ok for cooler master 212? i selected two for the two extras in case and one for extra hyper 212 fan
  16. lol i know you said it has all the connectors im just making sure :)
  17. haha, you are making your case into a mini wind tunnel, sounds awesome.

    Fans will connect via molex, but their plugs allow you to still use the molex cable afterwards because its has a male on one end and female on the other. So you could plug more then one fan into a single molex connection.

    For a 1000w PSU, I would go Cosair, Antec or OCz.

    That Corsair is really good cause it has loads of connections, like it has six 6-pin GPU connections and four 8 pin GPU connections you can add. For two GTX 580s you will need the four 8 pin GPU connections.

    Your current PSU has enough GPU connections for ONE GTX 580, so you will have to get a new PSU for another GPU. I just want you to know this before buying.
  18. what about this 1200w antec i found cheaper and built for antec cases.
  19. That PSU will do it
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