Problem with HD 5670

Hi everyone.I would like to begin this post with an apology , because my english isn't that good and i may have some words wrong.

So here is my problem

I recently bought this PC:
1.Motherboard - Asrock n68-S
2.RAM - some uknown brand 2x2GB ddr2 800
3.Video - Radeon HD 5670 512MB, 128 bit, GDDR5, and some (Redwood) at the end.
4.Hard disk - 800GB western digital.
5. CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 630
6.OS - WinXp SP 3
7.PSU - Only thing i know its some standart 500W which come with the case.
Immidiatly when i got home with it,and turned it on, i've noticed that fans are working, but there is no signal to my monitor, and no beep sound on startup of the pc.I restarted it , then the signal to the monitor came, and the beep sound came too.
I thought what the hell, cant be that bad.Installed windows xp sp3, installed all of the MB drivers + the latest catalyst 10.12 drivers.So far so good.But after a few minutes of playing games , or just browsing folders, my screen goes all green with white vertical lines, and the pc freezes.When i restart it most of the times there is no signal coming to my monitor and the beep sound isn't there.When i restart it a couple of times from the restart button, if im lucky the signal comes, the pc starts like its brand new.And again, randomly, no matter if i play a game, browse the net or do nothing, screen randomly goes all green color with white vertical lines and the only thing i can do is restart.

I've send the pc for service maintenance by technitians.After a couple of days they called me and said "we just cleaned it up from the inside from dust and stuff, and set your Primary Graphics adapter : PCI EXPRESS, and the problem is gone".
I said to my self whoa those dumb fools, i've allready did that.Anyway when i got back home with the PC, the same problems occur.

Here is a list of things i have tried:
1.Updated the bios to 2.10 (latest from asrock website) - no effect.
2.Used the Onboard video just to test things out - works like a charm, but the onboard video is very slow for games, so thats a no go.
3.Reformated with Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit - no effect, does the same stuff randomly.
4.Tested it with 3dmark06 and everest to see if it is overheating - 3dmark did the tests normally , no artefacts and stuff like that, and GPU temp didnt go above 56 celsius.(same thing if i play games)
5.Changed my monitor with another one - nope, same thing, its not from the monitor.

The problem appears randomly and i saw where things are going with the maintenance service.The transportation from my house to the maintenance shop is very far and so far they haven't done anything I haven't done.Thats why i started looking for help in forums like this one.I will probably send it for maintenance again, but im kinda sceptic that they will fix it.

So please, if anyone knows something what to do, what to try to fix this issue my self, i will be very gratefull.
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  1. So if there are no problems with the onboard it points to the card being bad although temps are fine.
  2. Yup. I think the same. But its a very strange problem , because sometimes i play games like 1-2 hours and nothing happens.But sometimes i cannot even start the PC because of errors,artefacts and so on.
  3. Artifacts usually point to bad cards in the first place.
  4. Yep.Well i decided to get the PC to maintenance once more.
    I've told them that i don't want the PC back untill they have fixed it 100%.
    Hope they change the card or something , so i can finally get my new pc home and stop moving it around to service and stuff.
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