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Ways to utilize more system memory. 16-32GB

I just ordered an LGA 2011 socket mobo and 4x4GB quad channel memory. I'm looking to find a site that shows how I can best use more memory.

I will probably order another 4x4GB sticks to bring my total system memory to 32GB but I first want to find a way to use it. Looking for tutorials or guides for enthusiast users. Already looking into making ram-disks, but other ideas would be appreciated.

Any other sites or tutorials to explain other cool things that you can do with lots of excess system memory?
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  2. sonexpc said:

    OP here, ty for the information. I didn't realize that it was possible to have a persistent ramdisk. I went ahead and ordered more ram to in order to use 8 of the 32gb as a ramcache and 16 gigs as a persistent ramdisk. The benchmarks show significant improvements using this and a SSD.

    Very helpful. If you have any more suggestions to further increase performance using SSD or ram software let me know.
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