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Ok, all machines are wired. No real use for wireless. However sometimes someone will come in and connecting them can be a pain. So, question is, how to connect a linksys wireless modem to a switch?

Plugging to the switch shows it's active everywhere but nothing can connect to it.
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  1. Do you want it to be seperate network or do you want them to have access to your computers?
  2. Doesn't matter. All I need them to do is be able to get on line. Just hooking up the wireless router when the need arises.

    I have an 8 port router and 5 port switch. I'm assuming it would be easier to just run the wireless right off the cable modem and have the other router & switch work from that. But it's just easier access for me to plug the wireless into the switch.
    I really don't need the wireless for any other reason than occasional visitors.
  3. personally I would set the internal IP of the wireless to, setup the wireless security, and then connect the internet port (WAN port) to the switch.
  4. I'm sure you've guessed by now I know virtually nothing about wireless. :) Never had a use for it. I can wiggle through a wired setup but no idea what/if the difference is with wireless.

    Not sure why I would need to change the IP but where I am I don't even need security. I'm in the middle of nowhere with nothing around for miles. I have the wired system secured but as far as the wireless, it would only be used for maybe an hour or two and intermittantly at that. Then it would get unplugged again and sit on a shelf until it's needed again.

    I have it set at default and would assume that security would be pretty much non existent. IF I can get it to hook up I'd probably play with security but it's not really a necessity here.

    I can give changing the IP a shot next time I have something here that has wireless. None of my machines do and it's usually laptops from visitors I need to hook up. And there's no problem if I just plug them into the wired switch or router.

    Only have one laptop with wireless and it's traveling now. Even when it's here it gets wired in if we need it. But as I said, every machine that has been here can see the wireless. Just can't hook to it.

    I was just wondering if the problem is trying to run it thru a switch. On the other hand, it shows as active and the machine shows on the lan. Like I said, doesn't matter if it can get to the lan, just need it to get internet access.
  5. usually the default IP scheme for a router is; therefore, when you connect the second router it will not work since the WAN and LAN side of the second router would both use the same IP scheme.

    by changing the IP it will not interfere with the IP range of you current network.

    wireless is active by default with no security.
  6. Ahhh! Yes! I do have the wireless set to .1.2, but that's likely a conflict with one of the other machines. (I never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer!)
    That gives me something to work with when I get a wireless machine back in here.

  7. didn't work. Couldn't connect at all. But did.
    Forgot I had an intel imac laying around so I could play with the wireless. Got it hooked, figured out, working.

    Didn't set security. Got busy. But when I went to set it, booted the mac... dead.
    Story of my life.
    But thanx for the pointers!
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