HP dv4 1131tx HEAT problem


i have a hp dv4 1131tx laptop which i got 2 years back.

Core 2 Duo T5800 2.00Ghz
nvidia 9200M GS

(i dont know if this is relevant but..) I got WinVISTA 32bit with the laptop. And i installed Win7 Ultimate32bit.

The problem is : that the fan is excessively loud and the laptop is heating up like hell... actually i had the same problem about 3 months ago(my fan roared like a lawn mower and my laptop used to become red hot). i gave it to HP to repair it. Now again i have the problem.. It doesn have that "lawn mower roar" but its very very very noisy.. And it is generating excessive heat. What could be the problem??

ty in advance for all your help :-)
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  1. And i forgot to mention on more thing. The fan is quieter when the laptop is running on battery. but not "quiet". just quieter
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