ASRock N68C-S UCC AM2+ Mobo

Will an AM3 cpu work with the ddr2 ram in this mobo? i know you have to have am3 in to enable ddr3, but will it work with ddr2?

will be used with; Athlon II X2 250 - 3.0 GHz AM3 CPU
thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes, it will work just fine.

    CPU list is here: UCC
  2. Thanks, i was just wondering, because it says to use drr3 ram you need am3 cpu, but didnt know if the ddr2 ram can be used by the am3 cpu, can all slots be filled ddr2+3 and all be used at the same time? And whats the maximum total ram? It says 8gb for ddr2 and 8gb for ddr3, does this mean i can put 16gb in total?
  3. The CPU has both types of memory controllers. Not an issue. Have fun!
  4. Im glad thanks :) so helpful :)
  5. I believe you can only use one memory type at a time.
    Keep in mind that this board only supports 2000MT/s. If you can afford it, there are better options for only $10-$15 more.
  6. +1 to jtt283's comment regarding memory types. You can't mix them. You use DDR2 or DDR3, but not both types at the same time.
  7. If you know of a mobo which has ddr2 compatibility, and will run at full mt/s (5200 or whatever) with an am3 cpu please send me a link! Thanks
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