ASUS P5K-E/wifi-ap latest GFX card upgrade limit?

Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering if there is a way (or even a website) that can tell me the latest GFX card upgrade limit I can buy for my ASUS P5K-E/wifi-ap Motherboard? Currently I'm using a Nnvidia 8800gts 512, but what is the best card I can use for this board?

Thanks for any helpful information.
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  1. There is no limit really except depending on CPU what card would be recommended!
  2. Hi Rolli59,

    Cool, I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 8 gb of RAM. Does that help narrow it down? With the GFX card being a PCI Express x16. Even the CPU I would like to boost (preferably later), but without having to re-gut the whole mobo...if possible.

    The current system (running on win7 64-bit) is going totally fine, but I've noticed its started to be somewhat dated for the updated software I'm using (Maya 2011 and Zbrush 4, but mainly trying to plan ahead somewhat for using Mari

    So do you reckon any of these listed cards would work on my current system ok?

  3. Yes they should, there are better gforce out there now in the GTX5xx series. The only thing for your socket that is better than you currently have is Q9xxx series at higher speeds which you can simply get by overclocking your Q6600.
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