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Right now I am running a Phenom II x2 555be @ 3.2ghz as a x3 at 4.1ghz. There is a promo code NEWGEEK25 that take 25 off a new account purchase, I've made the new account but don't know if it would be worth it to get Phenom II x4 965BE would the extra core be helpful enough in gaming to upgrade?

I'm running this in combo with a 6870 at 100mhz core & 1200mhz mem

I'd only be paying 126 for it shipped
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  1. What does the rest of the system look like? Perhaps you could use a new PSU or drive?
  2. I've just got a new asus mobo with the 880 chipset because my old board died and a new antec 650w green 80+ bronze psu for the same reason. I'm only running 24 dvd burner but don't really need a blu ray drive atm. So that just leaves my WD caviar blue 16mb cache 7200rpm 500 gig hdd as the weak link I could use a ssd, but I would only be able to afford a small one due to my budget constrants. Damn I'm really torn a 4 core would be nice and I bet it would oc fairly well but now that you got me thinking an ssd would be nice too...

    What do you guys think?
  3. For most games it won't help at all. You're already so close to 60 or above that it won't make any difference. A few games will show it helping, but most won't care that you have a quad. I'm not sure what to do, quad, drive (blues are a bit slow, even an F3 or black might be worth it.), better video card depending on the res you use, or new monitor are things I would look at. If nothing else, perhaps a new game?
  4. Well I'm actually fairly satisfied with my rigs performance, 60 + fps in most games now, and even thought the fourth core didn't unlock 4.1ghz seems to be more than fast enough. Maybe I got carried a way when I saw the 25 bucks off to me that's alot perhaps new a hdd and a game then (got to get over 100 to use the code). Are the spin points all that? How about the new 64mb cache Caviar blacks? Oh and I'm gaming at 1080p(20in) and I have an older 720p 34in tv for movies.
  5. Two $60 games - $25 is still <$100. I'm still not sure what to do...
  6. I've chosen to go with a 32mb caviar black 500gb, copy of civ 5 to give a friend for his birthday and a new case fan to keep my gpu cool.
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