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What is better hdmi or dvi??whats the difference

i have a samsung swplus lcd monitor which supports up to 1600x900 resolution...

it has 1 DVI port and 1 VGA port but has .........NO HDMI port....!!

im going to buy a zotac gts 450 ....and it has both dvi and hdmi

i think it comes with ...

1)hdmi 2 hdmi cable
2)dvi to dvi cable
3)and a HDMI to DVi cable

what should i use ............................ DVI to DVi or Hdmi to Dvi cable ..... ?? what is the difference??? what s better???
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    DVI = Carries video only

    HDMI = Carries video and audio

    If the same quality components are used for the DVI and HDMI ports, then there should be no video quality difference.

    HDMI can send audio signals to the monitor assuming you install the audio driver for AMD video cards or connect a pass-thru cable from the sound card to the nVidia card. If the monitor does not have speakers, then there no real point to use HDMI.
  2. thanxxx.... i hv no audio out in my ill use dvi to dvi!!
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