Emachines T6528 + HD 5450 SAPPHIRE

Hello, I bought this graphics card and can not get it to work after adding 1GB of RAM. Is this a waste of time, as in not compatible? If so which graphics card would work with a emachines T6528 with 1 GB of added RAM.
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  1. Your drescription is to vauge.I can't answer the question if i don't know any details.

    Plz list your full system specs.mobo/psu/cpu etc.
  2. AMD Athlon™ 64 3500+ processor with AMD 64 Technology1
    (2.2GHz, 2000MHz system bus, 512KB L2 cache) Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home SP2 Chipset : NVIDIA® GeForce® 6100 Memory : 512MB DDR (1 × 512MB), 400MHz (PC3200)
    Expandable to 4GB Media Reader : 9-in-1 media card reader (Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro®, MultiMediaCard™, Secure Digital™, CompactFlash®, MicroDrive, SmartMedia, xD, USB 2.0) Video : NVIDIA® GeForce® 6100 GPU
    Up to 128MB of shared video memory
    PCI Express (PCIe x16) slot available Sound : 6-channel (5.1) high-definition audioPorts/Other : 5 USB 2.0 (1 in digital media manager, 4 in back), VGA external connector, parallel port, 2 PS/2 ports (keyboard and mouse), 5 audio ports (2 in front, 3 in back . I upgraded and added a 1GB memory RAM. I now have a 26' Samsung 1080p HDMI capabile. Graphics card is Radeon HD 5450 512 DDR2. Could this work??? Or if impossible another recommended graphics card? Emachines T6528
  3. Yah i don't see any reason why it shouldn't work.Your computer is fully capable of using a Radeon 5450.
    Do you know which version your PCI-Express x16 slot is?(1.0/2.0/2.1)
    You might run into some complications if your slot is 1.0 and you have a 2.1 card.Thats the only problem i can think of.

    What exactly is the problem?
  4. Expansion Slots: PCI Express x16 x 1 · PCI Express x1 x 1 · PCI x 2. Does that help at all? When I turn on the CPU the fan goes on and won't stop and the CPU will not boot up.
  5. I don't see how adding RAM would cause a PCI-e video card to not work. Are you sure that the added RAM is not just causing the system to not boot? Try booting with onboard video and removing the card. If it doesn't boot with onboard video either, it's a RAM problem.
  6. To the OP.

    Does your system POST successfully or do you just see a black picture all the time?
  7. I had the same problem with my old 3800 + and the same mother board (I think), the 5450 is pci express 2.1 ,and this won´t work properly on your mother board, buy a 4650 or 4670 , good gpus that would work, if you are thinking in NVIDIA GT series..... do not buy them as you could have compatibility issues.
  8. Before I ever installed the graphics card I added 1GB of RAM to meet system requirements before installing a new graphics card. I'm still using my origanal graphics card. If I put in the new graphics card, and turn on the CPU, The CPU fan goes and thats it. The screen stays black. The CPU works fine with origanal graphics card and added 1GB of RAM though. I don't know if this SAPPHIRE HD5450 graphics card will work or need a different one?
  9. Try taking out the new RAM and see if that works.Usually if theirs something wrong with the added RAM it will just boot to a blue screen,but thats not your case.
    When you use your old graphics card with the new RAM does the computer work?
  10. Do you know what your current power supply is?How many watts it's capable of?
  11. My power supply is 300 watts, System requirements for HD 5450 says 400 watts (475 Watt for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode). Could that be the problem?
  12. Do you know the name/model no. of the power supply?

    300 Watts is more than plenty to run a 5450 and your system.But if it's a really shitty power supply then that might be the problem.
    Finding the name and model no. would be really useful.
  13. Its the power supply that came with the computer new 5 years ago, 300 watts original.
  14. Open up the case and read directly from the Power Supply.
  15. Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev DR Input 100-127V-6A, 200-240 V-3A 50/60 HZ Output +12V 15A -12V .8A +5V 30A +5VSB 2A + 3.3V 28A +5V+3.3V 180W MAX +5V+12V+3.3V 288W MAX http://www.power-on.com/atx12vem300bt.html
  16. It might be time for a new PSU.
  17. I doubt it's the PSU. 5450 is the most efficient discrete card currently. Whatever you replaced with it probably used more power. I think Dominaz1 has the best suggestion for now although I can't find any positive proof of incompatibilities between PCIe 2.1 and 1.0 but have heard a lot of comments on it. It could also be a bad card. There are no BIOS updates for that motherboard either.
  18. OK, so my current stock graphic on my current stock power supply uses more power than a 5450? So if I use a 5450 the power supply is not the issue? I'm puzzled I added 1GB of RAM and the computer runs better, if I did not add the 1GB of RAM the CPU would in no way be able to support a 5450. I added the 1GB of RAM to support the 5450, if I did not add the 1GB of RAM there is no way the 5450 would work. So should I try a lower graphics card than the 5450 on my current stock power supply? If so what grahpics card should I try??? Or should the new 5450 graphics card work better wirh my current power supply? Or should I try a different graphics card with the current power supply? I am confused at this point.
  19. A 5450 does not need more than 1GB of RAM to boot the system. If your system is fine with original graphics card and 2GB of RAM then the problem is not the additional RAM.
  20. Walk us thru the steps of what happens when you first start up the computer.If it wasn't doing it before you added the graphics card in then that defnitly means it's the graphics card.But we still need to be clear on what is actually happening.It could be a faulty graphics card or it could be the power supply.It is also possible that you might not have seated the card properly.
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