Does this mobo support i5 430m?

Hi! I own a dell inspiron N5010 laptop with the following specs;
cpu; p6100
mobo; dell OYXXJJ
gpu; radeon mobility 5650
ram; 4gb

I would like to upgrade my cpu in order to have better performance, and i found i5 430m.. Both p6100 and i5-430m have the same socket, but is that enough to go on and buy the i5?? Does anyone know if my mobo can support the i5??
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  1. I would post this at the dell forum on their website.
  2. Your CPU might be physically soldered to the motherboard. Also, that upgrade is extremely minimal
  3. Is it minimal to upgrade from a pentium to an i5?? (I also have to refer that I found the i5 for about 100 euros).. I believe it worths..
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