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Hi All,

I'm seeking a little network advice... I have a cable broadband offering; the modem sits right where the cable enters the house, and connects to a WRT54G wireless router upstairs via a long run of cat5e, where it sits next to the main PC and the cradle for my work laptop. In that position, it's well situated to provide wireless coverage for the house.

At the same time as I installed the cabling running upstairs from the cable entry-point, I had the good sense to install a run of cable into the lounge for a future HTPC. Now I’ve got a PS3 and I’d like to connect that up to the network. What’s the best way to do this?

If I move the WRT54G down to where the cable modem is, I’ll almost certainly seriously compromise the wireless network (downstairs has thick masonry walls, upstairs is a loft conversion with much more radio-transparent stud walls). I need to have a router as the first device, though, right? Is it worth considering a wireless repeater? Or would it be better to just use the WRT54G as a router and get a separate wireless transmitter for upstairs?

Also worth bearing in mind is that the HTPC has not been forgotten and will be joining the PS3 at some stage, probably via a switch, and that I’m about to install a NAS upstairs.

Thanks in advance for any advice - Adam...
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  1. How many ports has your router got?

    Have you tried running your PS3 wirelessly? If so, what was it like?

    You could run cables back downstairs from your router to your PS3 and HTPC. I'm assuming that's the route your spare cable is currently running for your HTPC?

    Alternatively you could purchase a wireless B router which has a stronger signal.
  2. Hi micmania1,

    Haven't looked at running PS3 wireless (didn't realise it was a possilibity) although the longer-term issue will be the (future) HTPC, which I'm much rather have connected to the gigabit ethernet if at all possible.

    Running a cable back downstairs will be difficult - the line to upstairs was put in while there was major work going on. I am kicking myself that I didn't lay redundant cables...

    Would the loss of speed of reverting to a wireless B router be less than that which I'd get from putting in an extender?

    Cheers - Adam...
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