No audio from ATI 5570 DP to HDMI

Anyone fitted a ATI HD 5570 Display Port graphics card having to use a Display Port gender adaptor for HDMI and found no audio being delivered... yes, done all the usual stuff, made sure that card drivers are set up for DP, looked at BIOS etc.. by the way I wanted a HDMI graphics card Not a DP but unable to get one! seems that the illustrious computer industry have decided that HDMI is not good enough anymore so we the consumer become the guinea pigs, trial and error stuff , more costs
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  1. throw that thing away and get an "invidia" card...pun intended
  2. nebun said:
    throw that thing away and get an "invidia" card...pun intended

    get analysis, but do they manufacture a low rise hdmi card?
  3. From what I know not all those adapters carry sound. And not all the computers/video cards have DP++ that carries sound. If yours has that you can get an adapter with sound.

    Also there are lots of 5570 with HDMI.
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