New card $300 ish

so im looking at cards for a new build and was going to go gtx560 but there arent any in stock that i can find in my state ( i live in Western australia).
so i was wondering what would be a suitable alternative, the hd6950 is one i was looking at
also would it be worth spending the extra thirty dollars to get a 2GB card over a 1GB card?

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  1. oh also id rather go cheap but im not sure if the gtx 460 would be adequate.
    i intend to run 1920x1080 res and play a few games and im ok with playing them on moderate settings.
    any suggestions on this would be good
  2. It depends on the games you play. A GTX460 could play most games at moderate settings. A 6950 would play nearly all games at max settings. You would also have the option to flash the 6950 to a 6970 if you wanted to. If you needed to go a little cheaper, the 6870 is a great card too. I would recommend both over the GTX460.

    As far as the memory size goes, you probably don't need 2GB at that resolution right now. But you may need it at some point depending on game developers. It would also help if you ever went to a higher resolution.
  3. I'd probably say the 6950 would be your best bet.
  4. so u say the 6870 is kind of inbetween the two?
    i have the option of going crossfire later too
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    Yes, the 6870 is between the GTX460 and 6950. The chart below shows the order of all graphics cards. You can crossfire the 6870 later to get a setup that's faster than even a single GTX580. The 6870 is a great choice and an excellent value.,2834-7.html

  6. ha yeah i think that is probably more to my liking.
    thanks for the help!
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