Gtx 260 vs 9800gtvs460gtx

Hello,which is better and their current prices
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  1. 460 1GB is the best, about $160
    460 768mb is a little worse, about $140
    gtx 260 is old, overpriced, and out of stock, and it was a little worse than the 460 768mb
    9800 gts is also out of production, but it was the worst out of any of these
  2. gtx 460 1 gig is your best bet out of the cards that you listed.... if you don't care about dx11 go on ebay and try to find a cheap gtx 260 and I would say if you can find one for 80 or less then thats a good deal otherwise go with the 1 gig gtx 460. What are you full system specs including your power supply, cpu, motherboard and monitors resolution
  3. GTX 460 1GB gets the best FPS/dollar ratio for it's range. SLi it, and still maintains a decent FPS/dollar ratio.
  4. GTX 460 by far, I wouldn't even purchase either of the other two anymore, and I own one of them.
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