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DDR3 (L) ... A must add?

OK, so I am waiting for the new Ivy Bridge processors until I get a new system. I have most of what I want to build a new system but I get this news during a review that things have changed. It seems that I have to get new memory technology called DDR3L. This is supposed to be better than the standard 4 sticks of DDR3 1666 that I have now. Do I need this RAM upgrade in order to get the benefits of the rest of the new technology? How is this going to affect the rest of the system?


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    there're 3 kinds: DDR3 (1.5V), DDR3L (1.35V), DDR3U (1.25V), for end-users the diff is only on the operating voltages, each comes at usual speed, such as 1333, 1600, 1866, so they only differ in power consumption & therefore heat dissipation

    to answer your 2 questions: (1) no, (2) cooler sys, i don't know how cooler but theoritically it is

    also some say that low-voltage ddr3 offers OC headroom as they are also required to support running at 1.5V, while in theory it's true, i haven't tried

    btw, i recently post question on tomshardware about low-voltage ddr3, maybe you could help me by trying the low-voltage ddr3 at your sig system (F1A75-M pro), that's, of course, in case you actually buy it / borrow it. thx
  2. I would try it but I don't have any. I was just wondering because I didn't know and was hoping I didn't have to replace my current units.

    Thanks for the info though!! :sol:
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