ASUS M4A785D-M Pro & Phenom II X4 970 BE


I have a ASUS M4A785D-M Pro. I've checked Asus website which doesn't officially support the 970. They list up to a 965. As I understand it the 955, 965, 970, 975 etc are just higher clocks of the same chip. Will the 970 therefore work with this board? I've searched Google and all I can find is that someone asked Asus but they didn't want to be tied down to confirming that the 970 would be okay and refer back to their website.
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  1. They didn't bother to update the CPU list, it works. I don't know if they have a 140W version of that CPU but the 125W should be fine.
  2. Make sure you have the latest BIOS and it will work no problem.
  3. But why would you want X4 970?

    Just get a X4 955 and clock it up to 970 speed. It's the same cpu, just clocked slower.

    Save yourself some money.
  4. Because I can get the 970 from a friend cheaper than a 955 from a shop.
  5. Plus if you overclock you loose cool&quiet.
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