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Q regarding plugging PC into TV's

Hello all,

In short, i refurbished an old PC of mine a few months ago. The graphics card is an XFX GTX 280 with two dual link DVI-I connectors. My friends TV is also his prospective monitor for this PC, a 20" Samsung 1080i TV he got a few years ago.

Whenever i tried plugging in the DVI to HDMI converter cable, the HDMI channel would always read no signal, while plugging in the DVI to VGA converter cable would display at 1440x900.

In short it worked, kind of. But i would ultimately like the connection to go over the HDMI at 1080. However since the TV is only 1080i capable, is that the source of the problem since graphics cards only ever display in progressive?

Also, the DVI to HDMI converter cable is fairly non-descript in the type of DVI connection it is. Will i need to specify a dual link DVI-I to hdmi converter cable should i go shopping again?

Connecting TV's to PC's has always been tricky to me and the inclusion of DVI in all of it has not helped.

I appreciate your help.
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  1. You will need to set it to display 1920x1080 at 30Hz, the TV should be able to handle progressive at 30Hz.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Will the standard windows screen resolution settings be able to do that or will i have to use a special program?
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    Your should be able to set it in nVidia control panel, that will usually give you more precise control than windows. I havent check the windows settings lately, but i believe they also give you the option of setting the refresh rate.
  4. Under custom resolution settings in the Nvidia control panel they have some 29hz resolutions for older interlaced HDTVs. If you have a GTX 280 you should already have it installed, just right click on the desktop and go to nvidia control panel.
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  6. Thanks for the replies, if i could give best answer to both of you I would!
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