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Urgent! Need help! :(

I took apart my 5870 to put on a new cooler, but the new cooler was "broken" and have to send it back.

On the stock there were thermal pads for the VRAM and VRM's ... I don't have any pads, but I've got some paste .... Will it do???

Or won't the cooler and ram / vrm be close enough to each other!

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    You can get thermal pads for quite cheap, try these and use a stanley blade/craft knife to cut them into the right sizes and apply them.

    Good luck.
  2. But it's totaly impossible with paste??
  3. Well, it was done with pads, personally i would like to re-do it with pads.

    I honestly can't say for sure if paste alone will work but when dealing with graphics cards i wouldn't take any chances.
  4. Well yeah ok .. Man, shipping is so expensive ..
  5. Thanks ;)
  6. If anyone have anything to add, please ! :)
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