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HD 5800 series and HDMI Deep Color

I'm getting a 23" DVI/HDMI monitor, and I hear the 5800 series cards have better color through HDMI, something about xvYCC wide gamut support? Does this matter enough to use HDMI? I have a cable for both. I like how small the HDMI is compared to DVI. Thanks.
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    never heard of that but as far as im concerned hdmi and dvi deliver the same exact picture quality, the only difference being that hdmi can obviously also carry the audio signal... what your saying may be true but I doubt it and have used both hdmi and dvi on 5 and 6 series cards with zero noticeable difference across many different resolution types so I wouldn't expect any miracles to happen, or anything at all for that matter when switching to hdmi from dvi... except of course the audio signal like I mentioned before... in the end go with whatever cable you can get for cheaper, imo
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